Rules and currently available commands

- Try to guess game title when bot shows you screenshot. The faster you guess, the bigger reward (except easy difficulty).
- The longer game title, the more points you get.
- There are 3 hints available after 10, 25 and 45 seconds.
- You can skip current screenshot after 45 seconds or by voting for skip.
- There are challenge questions. Harder to guess but gives you more points.
- Easy, normal and hard difficulty levels available (normal is set by default).

Voting for bot also gives you points on support server.
/help or .help
Show help, rules and other info
/screen or .screen
Show current screenshot on current channel
- Use this command to resend current screenshot if needed.
- Can be used to start quiz.
/hint or .hint
Show hint
- All hints are partially hidden game titles.
- There are 3 hints available after 10, 25 and 45 seconds after screenshot sending.
/try or .try
Try to guess game title
- Case and special characters sensitivity depends on difficulty.
/try Bayonetta
.try Halo 2
.try pokemon alpha sapphire
/skip or .skip
Skip current screenshot / vote for skip
- Vote for skip if 45 seconds after new screenshot have not passed yet.
- Skip if 45 seconds after new screenshot have passed.
- Two wotes are needed to skip current screenshot.
- Discord server admins can skip any time.
/score or .score
Check your or any other server member score.
- You can mention user, enter their ID or nickname to check their score.
- Two verisons available: neat image and embed with all stats.
.score full
.score GameQuiz
.score GameQuiz full
/difficulty or .difficulty
Show channel difficulty and its description / set channel difficulty
- 3 difficulty levels available: easy, normal and hard.
- Can be set individually for each channel.
.difficulty easy
.difficulty hard
/top or .top
Server top of players
- Provide number to check server top for last days.
- Supports difficulty levels.
- Supports pagination.
.top 7
.top 3 easy
/gtop or .gtop
Global top 10 of players
- Supports difficulty levels.
.gtop hard
/vtop or .vtop
Global top 10 of voters for GameQuiz on
/stats or .stats
Check server and global statistics.
/report or .report
Report current screenshot
Please provide reason for report.
We check reports daily. It really helps us to improve the bot.

Please don't use this command to give feedback because we can't answer you the same way. Feel free to visit our server for that.
/report not a screenshots
.report wrong game
.report bad quality
/vote or .vote
Show vote link
Vote for GameQuiz on and get bonus points.
- You can vote every 12 hours.
- Voting on weekend gives more points.
- Visit our Discord server to track bonuses.
- Score command also shows amount of votes.
/invite or .invite
Show the bot invite link
Use provided link to invite the bot to other Discord servers.
/server or .server
Show the bot Discord server invite link
We give bonus points for joining!
Join us to chat, get giveaways notifications and have fun playing quiz.
We also stream games! ^^
/website or .website
Visit our website for more cool stuff
/donate or .donate
Show Patreon and tips/donate links
Feel free to donate if you feel like supporting our work.
Every donation helps us to keep everything online.
Thank you! 💗
/streams or .streams
We stream games time to time
You can track streams on our Discord server, website or using this command.