Rules and currently available commands

- Try to guess game title when bot shows you screenshot. The faster you guess, the bigger reward.
- The longer game title, the more points you get.
- There are 3 hints available after 10, 25 and 45 seconds.
- You can skip current screenshot after 45 seconds or by voting for skip.
- There are challenge questions. Harder to guess but gives you more points.

Voting for bot also gives you points on support server.

Start quiz

Show current screenshot

Show hint - partially hidden game title

Try to guess
Example: .try Halo 2

Skip current screenshot / vote for skip. Admins can skip any time.

.score / .score full / .score user / .score user full
Show your or user's score. You can mention user or enter id or nickname to check their score.

.top / .top [number of days]
Server top / server top players last [number of days] days

Global top

Report current screenshot (wrong game, bad quality, too small etc.)
Example: .report low resolution

Show bot invite link

Show bot support server invite link.
We give bonus points for joining! Join us to have fun playing quiz and chatting. We also stream games! ^^

Show vote link
Vote for GameQuiz on and get bonus points. You can vote every 12 hours and track bonuses on our Discord server.

Show website link

Show donate link

Gameplay screenshots
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