Rules and currently available commands

- Try to guess game title when bot shows you screenshot. The faster you guess, the bigger reward.
- The longer game title, the more points you get.
- There are 3 hints available after 10, 25 and 45 seconds.
- You can skip current screenshot after 45 seconds or by voting for skip.
- There are challenge questions. Harder to guess but gives you more points.

Voting for bot also gives you points on support server.

.screen / .start
Show current screenshot / start quiz

Show hint

Try to guess
Example: .try Halo 2

Skip current screenshot / vote for skip. Admins can skip any time.

.score / .score @user
Show your score or mentioned user score

.top / .top x
All-time top or top players last x days

Report current screenshot (wrong game, bad quality, too small etc.)
Example: .report low resolution

Show bot invite link

Show Discord server invite link. Feel free to visit. ^^
We are also always open for suggestions, bug reports etc.

Show vote link

Show website link